Gritworld GmbH is a new startup based in Frankfurt, Germany. We are forming professional team with computer graphics and computer vision veterans working on interesting projects to push the boundaries of realtime graphics, computer vision and virtual reality technologies to benefit people’s daily life.

We are looking for Technical Support Engineers to join our Frankfurt team. Please submit your CV to contact@gritworld.com

Technical Support Engineer


  • Good English.
  • German Native Speaker.
  • Excellent Listener
  • Unbreakable patience
  • Practical experience installing Unreal Plugins
  • Practical experience installing plugins for architectural or modelling software.
  • Practical experience of at least 1+ year with architectural software or modelling software.
  • Programming or software tech-support experience.


  • Unreal Engine Programming Experience.
  • Unreal Engine Plugin Programming Experience.
  • Unity Engine Programming Experience.
  • C++ Programming Knowledge.
  • Linear Algebra Knowledge.
  • C# Programming Knowledge.
  • 3D Studio Max Plugin Programming Experience.
  • 3D Studio Max Script Programming Knowledge.
  • Sketch Up Plugin Programming Experience.
  • Revit Plugin Programming Experience.
  • Network Programming.
  • 1 Year Working Experience with Sketch Up.
  • 1 Year Working Experience with 3D Studio Max.
  • 1 Year Working Experience with Sketch Up.


  • Real time graphics algorithm research and development.
  • Working with other teams to optimize the code to meet industry quality standards.
  • Promptly answer costumers, even if to communicate that talking to technical parties is needed.
  • Follow-up with technical parties for costumer solutions.
  • Understand costumers' issues.
  • Help costumers in whatever way necessary.
  • Troubleshoot technical problems.
  • Maintain a knowledge problems base.


  • Starting date: Earliest possible date
  • Work location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany